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Birds! Birds! Birds!

Winter is always a great time for birding in the Southeast whether at the backyard feeder a nearby park, field or any body of water. Here are a few of my favorite bird photos from the past few days.

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Banks Lake & Lakeland GA

Been spending a lot of time around Lakeland GA the last few days. Banks Lake is currently being drawn down as a vegetation control measure so it’s been fun breaking out the waders and trekking across the swampy areas.      

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Dorothea Lange in Valdosta

Anyone with just a passing interest in photography or American history is familiar with Dorothea Lange. The depression era photographer has always been one of my favorites and is best known¬†for taking this iconic photograph of a destitute pea picker in Nipomo California in 1936. What I didn’t know until this morning was the following […]

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Testing the 4×5

  I’ve had a Calumet 4×5 view camera lying around for the past few years but have sadly never gotten around to using it. It’s an all metal monorail view camera mostly likely produced in the mid to late 60’s. Calumet began producing this model in 1964. It has two lenses. A ¬†Schneider Kreuznach 5.6/150mm […]

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Frozen Fun

Going to be having some fun freezing objects in blocks of ice over the next few days. This is the result of a quick first attempt. The trick now is to reduce the number of air bubbles in ice.   Video of the setup. A stainless frying pan was used as the mold. 3 layers […]

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